Welcome to Poke Burri, your favorite local poke shop featuring sushi burritos and EVERYONE'S favorite secret menu. 

Our story, founders, and locations


Poke Burri opened its original flagship location inside the We Suki Suki food hall in East Atlanta Village October of 2016. Poke Burri started with the simple mission of being the best poke in the city and quickly became one of the most award winning and viral restaurants in the cities history.

Poke Burri is currently undefeated in over 50 competitions, awards and festivals, and highest rated in their city across several categories including poke, sushi burritos, sushi, Japanese food, and best restaurants in the city. 

Poke Burri has since gone on to open multiple locations in Atlanta and has expanded throughout the US in their quest for poke world domination. 


Poke Burri’s leadership team is led by Poke Burri’s two founding partners, Seven Chan and Ken Yu.

Seven Chan is a lifetime entrepreneur with almost 20 years of experience building and running successful companies. His specialties include business strategy, development, social media, press and marketing.

Ken Yu has over 20 years of restaurant experience working in business startup, logistics,  quality assurance and food safety.

Since opening Poke Burri the pair have gone on to win multiple awards for their business acumen and contributions to their city and have been featured on Entrepreneurial Chef, Food Network, Restaurant Unstoppable, Forbes, US Weekly and more. 

The pair has also parlayed the success of Poke Burri into the launch of KSP Restaurant Group which includes Poke Burri, the pairs other food concepts and franchising company.